What is the Difference Between Health Home Care Providers and MHS

The concept of Health Home Care is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. A Health Home is an assisted care management service which combines social and community services with health care and gives better organization of behavioral and physical health care within a patient’s care. A Health Home involves primary care physicians, psychiatrists, therapists and other medical staff, along with social workers, certified nursing assistants, and other caregivers working in close collaboration with the patients. A Health Home ensures that all caregivers involved in a patient receive one another’s best wishes for the patient’s care so that they can work together to provide the patient with optimal care. This type of caregivers work together with doctors and therapists to ensure the patient gets the best care possible.

When considering the role of Health Homes, it is important to understand the various types available. There are many different types including: assisted living communities, in-home care centers, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals or long-term care facilities. For those people who may not be ready for a full-time facility, or for whom being in a nursing home is not an option, Health Home Care can be an ideal option. Some examples of Health Homes include: skilled assistance living, in-home supportive care, home health agencies, adult day care or long-term care communities. In these communities, there are a variety of services available such as: Residential Drug Treatment Programs, Dialysis, Adult Day Services, Assisted Therapy or group homes.

Health Home Care also involves coordination with other agencies like: social service agencies, schools, churches and more. They work together to provide appropriate resources to residents who need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). These include assistance with: job search training, providing consistent and reliable transportation, grooming, bathing, food preparation and more. To give residents in Health Homes the best chance at ADLs, they work closely with their clients, families and caregivers. The services provided by Health Home Care also include the following:

Home Care Aide (HCAs) are assigned to patients in Home Health Care facilities to provide care giving services to them. They are trained to provide routine assistance to patients who cannot perform on their own. They can provide assistance such as: bathing, feeding, medication refills, toileting, transferring physically challenged or injured individuals, preparing meals, shopping for patients, shopping for medications, preparing meals or assisting with personal hygiene. They are available to provide support at home or in the community when the client needs help with daily activities. Home Health Aides receives homecare services by contract through the state or through locum tenens, which means they are contracted to perform a specific number of shifts or days per week.

Discharge Planner (DMP) is the second person who coordinates the entire care giving process between the provider, the client and the home healthcare consultant. DMP ensures that the home healthcare consultant has all the information needed to provide appropriate care giving services, based on the diagnosis and needs of the patient. The DMP is usually a licensed professional nurse, but may be a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, physical therapist or home health aide. DMPs have the responsibility of preparing the first visit with the patient. This first visit is the time when the patient and their family are given a full medical history, an assessment of their condition and symptoms, their medical history, and a brief overview of the anticipated home care services and procedures.

Skilled Nursing Assistant (SNA) is an on-site nursing helper who assists the home care agency in the day-to-day care of its patients. Skilled nursing assistants perform a variety of duties including, but not limited to, taking vital signs of the patient, measuring vital signs, administering drugs and performing specialized daily living tasks such as dressing, feeding, moving to chair, preparing meals, cleaning or helping out with personal hygiene. Non-clinical care giving providers like SNAs also help prepare the patient for the home care services by setting up the right medications, monitoring and updating them on their medication, and making sure they are having a comfortable experience. Skilled nursing assistants perform tasks similar to those of medical staff members, but with the added advantage of having gone through training specifically geared to their role as a medical assistance.

Health Care Home Maintenance is the management of services provided in a patient’s home. Maintenance workers are assigned to provide a wide range of tasks to optimize care coordination and assure optimal effectiveness of the home health service. Some examples of common maintenance tasks include but are not limited to, food preparation, shopping, light cleaning, light cooking, shopping and light meal preparation. Medical Health Home Care Providers are trained professionals with expertise in a range of areas such as general practice, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, pediatrics, pulmonology, infectious disease, female reproductive health, women’s health services, urinary medicine, psychology, and behavioral health. The training typically includes one year of an interdisciplinary clinical residency at an accredited medical university.

In summary, Health Home Care Providers is skilled professionals that provide routine care to patients who have a range of medical conditions. They are employed by private, government, and not for profit organizations providing a wide range of services. A brief description of some of the most common services include: providing basic medical assistance, such as catheters and intravenous solutions; promoting healthy lifestyles, such as educating families about diet and exercise, developing relationships with their patients, and offering information on preventing illness and injury. Health Home Care Providers is registered and certified medical assistants who can provide routine medical care to individuals who qualify for Medicaid and Medicare.